Novo Nordisk Foundation: Grant number NNF14OC0011633

The International Diabetic Neuropathy Consortium was awarded a grant of 60 million Danish Kroner for a 6-year period starting 1 May 2015 from the Novo Nordisk Foundation in December 2014. The grant is one of the first four grants under the Novo Nordisk Foundation Challenge Programme.

In 2014, the focus themes were:

  1. Prevention of diabetes and obesity.
  2. Acute and late-stage diabetes complications.

The goal for the Novo Nordisk Foundation Challenge Programme is to make substantial contributions to the funding need for overcoming specific challenges in global health. The programme is a strategic effort targeting specific challenges, the scope of which will be announced in a yearly call.

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The IDNC is co-financed with a number of PhD fellowships from Aarhus University.